Rosa Ellis founded Maids At Your Service in 1986 in Newhall, California. She was raised under the Guatemalan values of stay home moms.  When she arrived to America she met her husband and raised their three children.  Her mother in law always complemented her for how nice and clean her house was every day.  Rosa decided to clean her house once, and soon enough, all of her mother in law’s friends wanted Rosa to clean their homes.  She soon needed help herself and begun training her crew so that they could also provide the same result for every customer.  It wasn’t until 2006 that Rosa’s Business  tripled by word of mouth and satisfied customers.  Many of Rosa’s clients are prominent business owners, entrepreneurs that have been in contact with her only by referrals.  You may now enjoy the same quality service she has provided them through out these years of excellence.  Thanks to their attention to the details and outstanding customer service. Her business has grown steadily year after year or could it just be that she treats each home as her own.  She always knows the nice feeling of returning to a fresh smelling clean house.

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